2013 End-of the-Year Placement Test

SVDA students will be attending End-of-the-Year Placement Test. The Placement Test is to confirm the qualifications of children at various age groups - preschooler, juvenile, and youth. It is a dance curriculum that promotes the National Quality Education combining knowledge, training, and recreation. The test will take place at Campbell Heritage Theater on December 8th, 2013 (Sunday). Tests include: basic technique and combination of recreational levels, which includes basic technique acrobatic gymnastics (tumble, jump-turn-flip, etc. based on level), Chinese dance rhythm and so on for professional levels.
2013 End-of-the-Year Placement Test attire should include the following:
- SVDA Uniform Leotard
- white tights
- white split-sole slippers
- hair tied into a bun
- number tag (will be issued Nov. 17th - 23rd)