Placement Test



The Placement Test is to confirm the qualifications of children at various age groups --preschooler, juvenile, and youth. It is a dance curriculum that promotes the National Quality Education combining knowledge, training, and recreation.

The teaching materials used for the Dance Placement Test considers the age characteristics of children, collected basic elements, rhythm, posture, movement, and steps from Ballet, Chinese Dance, Modern, Jazz, and Lyrical. Based on age, the dancers are divided into 10 recreational levels and 10 professional training levels. The content and method of each level conform to the physiological and psychological characteristics of the age group. There are also corresponding basic trainings for the participants.



舞蹈考级是面向广大幼儿、儿童、少年及 青年的资格证实,是将舞蹈的知识性、训 练性和娱乐性结合起来推行国 素质教育 的舞蹈课程。

Silicon Valley Dance Academy舞蹈等 级考试教材注重少儿的年龄特征,把Ballet 和Chinese Dance 及Modern、Jazz、Lyrical 中一些基本元素、韵律、舞姿、动 作和舞步,按不同年龄划分为普及教育10 个等级,和专 训练10个等级,每一等级 的内容与方法符合相应年龄学生的生理和 心理特点,也有符合该级别学员身体条件 的舞蹈基训。p>

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